Sam the Duck running the marathon

Sam the Duck’s Diary – Wednesday 29th April

Well, what a week it’s been. I am one shattered Duck in need of a rest…..

You see Simonetta Cole wasn’t the only Storrington representative in London at The Marathon on Sunday.

What? You didn’t see me? How could you have missed me…..

Yes, I made it round the 26 mile course in a new P/B of 4hrs 27 mins and there are holes in my trainers and my poor little webbed feet are blistered and battered.

So, with only one week to go, its rest and recuperation for me in the last few days before the big day on Sunday 10th May.

But not all of us ducks are taking race day so seriously, I can tell you a few of our number are far more interested in the ice-cream sales at the school and unless they get a wiggle on they will be carrying a few extra pounds on the big day.

That is unless they get themselves to Nancy’s weigh in’s!

There’s still plenty of time to get in shape that’s what I keep telling them.

And far be it from me to tell you which of my number are in need of a few jogs and sit up’s…..I wouldn’t want to spoil my chances on race day….!

Right, where’s that pumice stone…..?

Original photo credit to Petr Brož

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