Sam training with some ducks

It’s all about style

After the sun comes the storm and I don’t know about you, but now the clocks have changed it really feels like Spring is around the corner and that can only mean one thing, that Duck Race day is fast approaching so best get on with the training regime….

Michelle has been pushing me hard this week in my quest to throw off the winter weight and get fit for 8th May.

This is what we have been doing this week, please feel free to follow my regime at home if you like and let me know how you get on….

So, for week 2, its all about style over substance and how the right gait supports you.

Now that my training is well under way, it’s time to consider my form as well as my effort. Poor form can not only slow you down but also leave you susceptible to injuries. Move well before you move often!

There are several ways you can check if you’re moving well. If you can, get an expert to help you. A qualified duck trainer will be able to encourage and advise you through your training. Maybe train with a buddy, get them to video you. I know this may feel uncomfortable at first but you’ll be surprised what you can see when you look at yourself from different angles. Just check the feathers are all in place first!

Some tips to help you out; when you’re paddling it should look effortless, neck held high, wings back flat to the body and a long smooth glide. When you’re waddling try to put the middle part of your foot on the ground first and make sure your knee bends over your toes not in to the centre. Use your wings to drive yourself forwards.

Michelle says “You’re doing really well Sam, the flock and I are proud of you!”

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