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Push yourself, one mile more

Gosh it’s harder than I thought all this getting into shape but without the encouragement of a good trainer I wouldn’t have made it this far, proof that having the right team is half the battle.

This is what we have been doing this week, please feel free to follow my regime at home if you like and let me know how you get on….

So, for week 3, I need to push myself, one mile more.

Michelle says “when you’re training for an event be sure not to push yourself too hard too fast. A good training plan will ensure that you can achieve your goal without injury or burn out. As a general rule increase your efforts by no more than 10% per week.

“So Sam, the goal is a river of approximately 100m and with 4 weeks to go you want to be adding a little bit each week so by the end of April you can comfortably paddle about 90m. Try and combine your paddling with some waddling to get the added benefit of cross training. Simple body weight exercises like lunges and squats will help to increase your strength. With your feet hip width apart, spread your webbed toes for balance, bend your knees whilst sticking your bottom out behind you, wings out in front to steady you.

“I know it’s a very busy time for you in the run up to the big day. Rest should also be an important part of your training. Schedule a rest day every week when you can just curl up in the nest and let your body recover and become stronger.”

So, I am going to keep on pushing through the pain barrier and aim for the 90m paddle on 8th May.

How are you all getting on with your training for the big day?


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