Rubber duck with sunglasses by Daniel Rothamel

Meet David

So, I promised I would introduce you to some of my new recruits.

But before I start, it’s important to say that I am taking my role of official Duck Race Personal Trainer (DRPT) very seriously and have undertaken some serious training of my own.

As a DRPT, I now possess the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary to design safe and effective fitness programs for younger ducks. I plan to instruct and assist fellow ducks in reaching personal health and fitness goals. But ultimately, I will help one of them to win the biggest race of their life!

Just think of me as Irving “Irv” Blitzer from Cool Runnings (google it!)

So, lets meet the ‘swimmers and paddlers’ in this years’ race.
Meet David, he tall for his age and very athletic. He has a near perfect psyche for long distance paddling and to be honest, on the surface he appears to be a bit of a dude.

David has always been very focused and he stands out at school for his sporting prowess.

But David is painfully shy and finds it hard to talk to people around him preferring hide behind his shades or to lose himself in a long distance swim.

So, how did I help him to feel more a part of a team?
Simple, on David’s behalf, I enlisted a couple of the ducklings to help him with his training regime‚Ķ. budding chef Jamie took over David’s diet ensuring the right balance of carbs and protein not to mention his 10 a day whilst mathematician Carol got busy with her stop watch timing races, working out PB’s and spurring David on to faster and faster race times.

So, come on down and see Team David on Sunday for a really great example of team work in action.

Photo Credit: Daniel Rothamel

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